Copyright  © 2011 All Rights Reserved Howard Nakagama has provided comprehensive hitting and pitching instructions to our three youngest sons.  The oldest of which has been recruited to play collegiate baseball. Over the past 20 years we have watched thousands of games of which our five sons have competed in from T-Ball to college ball.  The skills they have learned from Howard have helped them compete at the highest level within their age groups.  Howard not only teaches the fundamentals of hitting but also situational hitting instruction.  Howard has the highest moral ethics and expects those he instructs to be not only great baseball players but great citizens.  We recommend Howard to you with the highest degree of confidence. If your player is diligent in working on the things Howard will teach he/she will become an excellent baseball player. Paul & Kay Stephan
I owe a great deal of my ability to play baseball to Howard Nakagama. The love and passion he has for the sport is one that not everyone has, I can say that Mr. Nakagama has earned that love for the game from many years of coaching and scouting. If you don't quite have a passion for the game that’s ok cause you will see yourself loving the sport more and more around Howard. He has taught and shown me the things that need to be done with my swing to allow me to compete in the college world of baseball. He is a great coach and a great friend. Coach Nakagama has a sincere desire to help every player he coaches, and that is a rare trait that you just can't find will all private instructors. I will forever be indebted to Coach Nakagama he is willing to tell you everything that he knows from the physical things to the mental things he will without a doubt teach you the skills needed to step in the box and look at the pitcher and know that as a batsmen you will win that battle! I may not know a whole lot but this I do know, and that is Howard Nakagama will teach any athlete if they are willing to learn how to step up to the next level and win! And you will be, as I am very grateful to say, thank you Howard you made me a better athlete. Zach Jones, presently signed to play in 2011-2012 season for Salt lake Community College Howard has been a great influence on my children.  He not only understands and teaches the game of baseball, but he teaches the game of life.  Baseball is fun and provides many opportunities to develop qualities of leadership and character; Howard uses baseball to help the children understand what things life will throw at them.  His personal instruction and personal touches have helped them improve their skills and prepare for each season. Thanks Howard! John and Tammy Petersen Highly recommended referrals, i.e., word of mouth is priceless. This is how we found Howard Nakagama for our son's baseball needs, primarily for pitching but he also did wonders for his hitting. Howard is a rare professional that takes personal interest in his players, performs custom tailored analysis dissecting their individual characteristics and then supplies corrective input in practical terms that are easy to digest and incorporate into their game, providing immediate improvement. If you are lucky enough to utilize his decades of real life baseball experience, you will be pleased.  Gary Barber I've worked with Howard for 5 years. There have been a number of times, where I have been struggling and come to work with Howard and he has corrected the problem in minutes. He knows the game of  baseball and I love working with him. Eric Morgan, St Edwards University Austin Texas Division II University I started my baseball career the same as any other kid before I had the chance to work out with Coach Nak.  Before having his teach me his three most important aspects of any swing mechanic, I focused mainly on utilizing my athletic abilities as my only catalyst towards hitting.  However, as I progressed further in my baseball career and aged a bit more, mere ability ceased to be enough to maintain a high level of performance.  After one lesson with Coach Nak he had completely reshaped my swing, making it possible for the first time for me to begin funneling my athleticism productively at the plate.  Over time, he developed not only my physical abilities but my mental ones as well in the form of recognizing pitches, hitting in situations, and comprehending the increasingly difficult aspects of the game.  Coach Nak has truly developed over his life a true understanding and respect for the game rivaled by very few others in the state of Utah.  His passion is evident the first time upon meeting him not just for the game but for an opportunity to pass it along to players.  Results were so evident after even just one lesson that I continued working with him on a weekly basis for upwards of seven years, eventually culminating in my selection for the 2010 all Salt Lake City team- something which would have been an impossibility without his help.  Coach Nak's methods really work if you are struggling with any aspect of the game pitching, hitting, or fielding. Sam Donnefeld Three year Varsity Player at West High School Salt Lake City, Utah I've worked with Howard for 6 years. He has helped me get my swing mechanics to where they are today, and he has helped me with the mental approach to hitting. Every chance I get during the off season, I work with Howard. He is the main reason my swing mechanics are fundamentally sound and I've been getting results with his help. Keenyn Walker, Central Arizona Junior College Signed a Letter of Intent to play Division I baseball in the PAC 10 Drafted in 2009 in the 16th Round by Chicago Cubs Drafted in 2010 in the 38th Round by Philadelphia Phillies